So what is it with men and boobs.  I clearly fail to understand the fixation men have with them.  They say the sight of a woman’s clevage reduces the man’s ability to think clearly by 50%. I know some of you men may disagree that figure is too low and believe me I understand.

Half of the world’s population has them.  They come in different shapes and sizes. There is whole industry working on making pretty clothes for them and a multi-billion dollar industry thriving on enhancing them. Unlike most photoshopped images of boobs all over the internet,  in real life boobs are very different.  For starters they have a mind of their own.  They are not the best of friends always and don’t dance cheek to cheek like it may seem,  sometimes  they look away from each other like lovers who had a fight.  And they are never the same size.

So why are boobs such a big deal.  For starters, its just science.  Yes science has all the answers.  From an evolutionary point of view,  big boobs represent a healthy mate who can feed a lot of offspring. Point to be noted that in the current times,  this doesn’t apply to the Kardashians and their kind.  In the words of Iris Marion Young,  ” Breasts are a scandal because they shatter the border between motherhood and sexuality”. So men are programmed to like big boobs. All men stare at them, no exceptions here.  Some may look like they aren’t noticing them,  but believe me they are.  That is exactly  how they are hardwired.

The bottomline is men love breasts. As a woman all I feel is our clothes wouldn’t look half as nice without them.  Bikinis wouldn’t be bikinis without them,  and the Kardashians would be out of business if you know what I mean.  And what about sex?  What would sex be without them…well pointless!😉

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