My world is divided into two equatorial halves
The half that I live on
And the half that he lives on
My half is populated by summers of love
Dragons fly high spitting fire
In the honeyed skies above my head
And I am a whelp
Learning to burn the firewood of pain that
He gave me at the base of my throat
And to spread my wings and fly
Years ago, the winters from his half
Made home and froze my heart
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I woke up on an angry bed
Yelling at me to let my feet kiss the cold winter floor
“Its been days you moved mountains
And let your fingers move lyrically
On your dust covered lonely typewriter”, it exclaimed
I tried hard to break out of my vegetative state
Fought my paraplegic mind
But of all the things I am
This is the worst
Lost,  I almost gave up
A swallow came and sat on my window sill
And sang a song of a new dawn
A smile cracked on my salty unwashed face
My human mind started stocking up on hope
Human after all
And I wrapped my head around this temporary fix
This misery is far from over
But this is how deep this pit goes
So I listened to my bed and the swallow on sill
And today my typewriter and I
Bartered a few words
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My knees are bruised
I have been kneeling for too long in prayer
Prayer for that song that a little bluebird
Sang in my deaf ears
For a destiny that can be found
Deep inside the seed of an apple tree
For a life hiding in the pollen baskets that are
Achingly heavy yet pollinating the pistils of
Hopeless sunflowers
A burden on a honeybee’s thorax
Yes I pray for you everday
I pray for spring.
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legs 1

How does one ever
Get over a love like that
You left you
Scattered everywhere
In my home
On my bed
On my body
My soul,  my life
But then one morning
You were gone
And you never returned
You were not prepared
For the storm that my love is
You were not ready
For the gravity
That comes with being around me
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beach woman

I am lost somewhere between my death and now
I float around the sun
Travel wormholes
Defy all theories of  time and space
Somewhere in the middle of no where
Not in this universe
But some place where the ocean doesnt swallow the sun
I desperately seek a fissure in time
That takes me home
Where I hope to find you waiting for me
On a crispy summer day
Sitting under our favourite oak tree
Reading a book
That has my name on it.
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I made this a ritual
Lighting candles at night
Being blind in love
And voracious in my touch was not easy
I fell and bled my knees
And broke my bones a few times
I gorged on the musk on his skin
My legs, shabby chic
Clumsy and sore
Yet fitting perfectly around his hips
He blew out all the candles at midnight
And I made love to his lies
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Two eyes stared at me
And the earth stood still
Eyes that shone bright
Like they’d finally found gold
In the treasury of Petra
“Are we soulmates?”, I asked him
And he looked away into the sunset
Before my forlorn attempt
To not fall deeper for them
And my farcical idea of soulmates
Came into esse
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